Welcome to Alchemy Color Lounge! 

We hope that each and every part of the salon is a truly unique experience that you wont receive anywhere else. The unique decor, the exceptional staff, the Eco friendly aspects; each of them play a part in us being a salon that is far different from anywhere else. 

We are currently the first and only Green circle salon in North Idaho and we recycle 95% off our salon waste. Each recyclable item gets turned back into something truly amazing, including your hair clippings! Ask us about our recycle bins, and how we are trying to make our earth just a little bit better. A small ESF charge is added to the end of service making YOU apart of the movement in helping us making beauty beautiful again. 

Why Alchemy? The medieval forerunner of chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter. Alchemy: A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. We believe that with each color service that you receive you are getting just that! A magical process of transformation in our chair and in your lives. 

Come sit and relax with us, you will not be sorry. 

When you are in our hands you can be sure that we will make you look and feel gorgeous! Start your journey by making an appointment today.

  • Hair By Courtney
  • Hair by Courtney